Monday, January 20, 2020
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See It: LeBron James And Lil Yachty Team Up In New Sprite Commercial

Well this is certainly an odd pairing. Sprite tapped massive star/basketball champion LeBron James to star in a commercial featuring none other that Lil’ Yachty, walking meme and oddboy rapper.

James plays a meta game of reverse psychology game of saying he’s not going to tell you to drink Sprite, while presenting you multiple situations where you’d really, really want a Sprite.

All the while, Lil’ Yachty plays the clucky piano beat to his underground hit “Minnesota,” briefly singing along. If you feel as though you’ve seen this clip before, maybe that’s because it’s another example of rappers cashing in on the commercial game, like when Chance the Rapper previously teamed up with Kit Kat.

Anyways, no question Boat seems excited about the collaboration.

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