Wednesday, October 4, 2023

5 Drool-Inducing Edibles You’ll Want To Try Right Now

As edibles become more mainstream (and visually appealing), the options are becoming more numerous. So much so that many canna-infused foods are taking on a Starbucks-like quality with their flavors and brewability.

(Ed. Note: here comes the obligatory warning)

To quote ourselves, here are some things to keep in mind when eating edibles, including the edible “high”:

All highs are not created equal. In short, most edible marijuana is metabolized by the liver, which then produces a kind of THC that has a bigger psychedelic punch than the THC that reaches your blood plasma when you smoke it. So when you finally feel the edible’s effects, it will likely be more powerful than what you’d get from a joint – plus the high will last much longer, up to 12 hours!

Did you work up an appetite just reading that? Here are five edibles you’ll wish you had in your hand right now.

1. SUCKK Lollipops
These suckers and hard candies from Marijuana Suckers are currently available in six flavors: cherry, coffee, grape, peppermint, sour apple and watermelon. Each sucker contains approximately 10mg THC while each hard candy contains approximately 8mg THC.

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of
2. Mint Dip Cookies
These Korova double chocolate chip cookies dotted with creme de menthe chips are dipped in “gourmet” mint chocolate. 250mg THC per serving.
Photo courtesy of Korova Edibles
Photo courtesy of Korova Edibles

3. Cookies & Cream Bhang Bar
An artisan-quality chocolate bar infused with hybrid flowers and a potent dose of medical-grade cannabis: 180mg THC.

4. Rocky Road Crispy Treat
This cannabis infused rice crispy treat is layered with chunks of marshmallow and fudge and topped off with a smooth layer of chocolate. 3-4mg THC per serving.

Photo courtesy of Natural Cannabis
Photo courtesy of Natural Cannabis

5. 420 Brownie and Magic Bar
It’s a tie with these two sweets from Dr. Robert’s Bakery. The “extra strength” 420 brownie contains about 420mg of THC and is primarily made for those suffering from severe chronic pain. The Magic Bar is a, yes, magical combo of chocolate, butterscotch, and coconut, and contains roughly 200mg of THC. Dr. Rob also makes a doozy of a granola bar that contains dark chocolate, dried cherries, macadamia, almonds, and cashews and includes 800mg of THC per bar.

Photo courtesy of Dr Roberts Bakery
Photo courtesy of Dr Roberts Bakery




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