Friday, December 1, 2023

Prince Harry Has Secret Social Media Accounts; Pete Can’t Afford To Keep Up With Ariana

Watch out what you are saying about Prince Harry on social media because he might just be following you.

“Harry has secret social media accounts under an alias name. He is very active and reads a lot of the comments about himself. His brother William sees almost nothing but Harry is very different. Harry is much more vulnerable and insecure. If he sees 100 comments that are all great and one that is negative, he will focus on the bad one,” sources tell STRAIGHT SHUTER. “Harry has embraced modern technology and loves that he can be anonymous and hide is identity. He gets to feel like a normal person online.”

Pete Can’t Afford To Keep Up With Ariana

Pete Davidson is head-over-heels in love with his new fiancé Ariana Grande, but love is only going to get him so far – he will need a lot of money to keep up with the popstar’s extravagant life.

“Pete earns $6,500 per week on SNL and is worth about $500,000. Ariana is worth a $45 million. That is a huge difference. Pete paid $100,000 for that engagement ring, that is 20% of everything he has. At the moment, the two of them are surviving on love, but soon reality will bite and she will either have to live a much smaller life in his one-bedroom apartment on West 24th Street, or she will have to be become comfortable paying for him to live the luxury life she is used too,” sources tell STRAIGHT SHUTER.


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