Thursday, July 2, 2020
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Snapchat’s Newest Feature Will Change The Concert-Experience Game

I know every time friends attend a concert or giant music festival, even though they never tell me about it. That’s because they posted a Snapchat of it. Likely, this is something you’ve experienced as well—whenever something cool or exciting happens in someone’s life they want to post online about it. All this is fine and good. But when viewing these Snapchat or Instagram posts from friends, it can leave a disjointed and disappointing experience as a viewer. You hear 10 seconds of one song then 10 seconds of the next, never allowing for a full video of an artist’s performance to form.

Now Snapchat is aiming to fix that with its newest feature Crowd Surf that will capture a show from multiple angles without disruption. The features will live in Our Stories, where users can tap the top right of their screen and switch views at will. To do this, Snapchat is utilizing an audio proprietary technology they developed in-house that will link those live videos into a seamless post.

Snapchat first showed the Crowd Surf technology this week with Lorde’s performance from Outside Lands. This video showcases how it could be a gamechanger for live events where synced audio is crucial.

Snapchat clearly hopes this will engage users to post more stories and submit those posts to Our Stories. This is something Snapchat desperately needs as its Q2 earnings report was another failure in the downward trajectory of the app. Growth and revenue have fallen short and its Crowd Surf feature is aimed at rising both.

According to a Snapchat spokesperson, the feature will be available for select event coverage moving forward.


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