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Watch Mariah Carey’s New Commercial For Hostels — Yes, Hostels

She's in on the joke.

Watch Mariah Carey's New Commercial For Hostels — Yes, Hostels
Screenshot via 2thonyxtour/Youtube

When you think of Mariah Carey, several words likely come to mind: diva, spoiled, glitter, drama. But hostel? Yeah, that’s probably not on the list, which is why it makes such a great commercial.

(Unlike her 2017 live performance of “Honey,” in which she just didn’t feel like dancing, you guys!)

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(Or when she was wheeled to the stage in a customized “wheelchair” because she just didn’t feel like walking, you guys!)

Finally, pop music’s favorite princess makes fun of herself in a new commercial for Hostelworld, which begins with the words “M. Carey” popping up on the computer screen as the poor woman working the front desk nervously scurries to find help. Because, why is Mariah Carey coming to a hostel? Did she get lost?

A limo pulls up, an entourage walks through the front doors and M. Carey is in full-on diva mode.

“You booked me into a hostel?” Carey barks at one of her “people” as they arrive. Another of her minions tries to appease her by saying, “If it’s any consolation, you look great.”

Better than expected accommodations are made, Carey is satisfied, and the oddly posh hostel lounge gets an A-List celeb as entertainment that night.

Everybody wins in this scenario, especially Carey’s management team, who no doubt knew what they were agreeing to when they booked this gig. Not only does it bring Carey’s infamous ego down a notch, it’s nice to see that’s she’s able to partake in some harmless self-deprecation.

Now, for the headlining act:

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