Saturday, January 28, 2023

Why Carrie Fisher Couldn’t Stop Slapping Oscar Isaac On ‘The Last Jedi’ Set

This week marked the 40th anniversary of the original Star Wars opening in theaters. So you’ll excuse us for any emotive nostalgic regarding the franchise and its cast. A particular fondness goes Carrie Fisher’s way, who passed in the final week of 2016. Starring as Princess Leia, she was as profound as she was pretty in the role, crafting a lasting relationship with fans worldwide.

Fisher herself, however, happened to be hilarious and humble. We were reminded of this fact this week thanks to Oscar Isaac, who plays the rebel Poe in the new Star Wars trilogy. Isaac stopped by The Late Show to promote his newest venture, which is playing Hamlet off-Broadway.

Eventually Stephen Colbert ventured the conversation toward Fisher and Isaac revealed a memory from their first day of shooting The Last Jedi.

“Actually a large amount of the stuff I got to do was with Carrie, which was amazing,” Isaac told Colbert. “I remember the first day of shooting was a scene with Carrie. Often times that first day, the filmmakers, everybody’s trying to get the tone and figure it out. And I remember it was a scene where I come up to talk to her and she’s very upset with me and slaps me. And [director] Rian [Johnson] kept doing it over and over.”

“It ended up being like 27 takes of Carrie just leaning in,” he finished. “And every time she’d hit like a different spot on my face.”

Isaac went on to capture how so many felt regarding Carrie Fisher and what made it her so special.

“She was by far one of the quickest-witted, funniest, most down-to-earth, real human beings I ever had the opportunity working with. And she does amazing work in this film,” Isaac said. “Yeah, it was definitely a heartbreaker.”



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