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5 Videos Of Cute Animals To Get You Through This Week: June 10

There’s no better pick-me-up than the one you get when you see a clip of an animal acting silly, which is why we’ve compiled this weekly column. These short videos feature all sorts of animals, providing you with that much needed rush of endorphins.

This week’s column features several exotic animals like a deer, a llama and a jaguar but also staples of this column, like pugs and golden retrievers. Check them out!

Two dogs confused about a deer

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This video exudes tons of confusion. The dogs are confused, the deer is confused, the person who’s recording is probably also confused. I think the animals thought they were the same species until the last seconds of the video where they look at each other and take a careful step back.

A jaguar who won’t let go

This very friendly large cat won’t let go of his bucket no matter how much his caretaker begs for it. Its fangs are particularly protruding and terrifying, but the attitude still makes the video adorable.

A llama and a dog

This video features a long make out session between a llama and a dog, who don’t care that they’re being recorded. Be safe, guys.

A pug who’s dreaming

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There’s dozens of videos that continue to prove that one sleeps like a pug can. These lucky little guys are able to doze off in seconds and have particularly vivid dreams.

A therapeutic cow

Easily the most relaxing video from this list, there’s so much goodness going on in these short seconds of footage. There’s a giant cow who’s eating grass, an unreal looking waterfall in the background and a really big cow bell. I thought those things didn’t exist outside of cartoons. Let’s all move to that cow’s farm and live peaceful lives.

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