Sunday, July 21, 2024

Meme Of The Week: ‘No Guy Has All Three’ Meme Incorporates Tons Of Pop Culture References

Twitter’s biggest joke this week lists out the three things that guys can’t simultaneously have.

One of the silliest memes in recent memory is the ‘no guy has all three’ meme. Although we can’t find the original version of the joke (or the reason why this became a joke in the first place), Twitter is flooded with different versions of the meme, highlighting how no guy has all of the three requirements to be the perfect guy. These requirements change drastically from meme to meme, with some people referencing pop culture milestones like “Twilight” and others making Bed, Bath & Beyond jokes. It’s very weird.

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This meme is one of the most abstract ones yet, with people taking the joke and stretching it in any direction they want. Check out a few of our favorite replies:

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RELATED: Meme Of The Week: A Scared Tyra Banks Becomes The Most Relatable Meme


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