Sunday, September 24, 2023

5 Apps Every Happy Person Needs

We generally don’t associate technology with good health, but there’s a lot of apps out there designed to help you stay healthy and think more positively.

There are a lot of tools out there designed to help you stay mentally and physically healthy, one of them being your phone. Although there are way too many crappy apps out there cluttering the market, there are a few helpful ones that can help you keep track of positive behaviors.

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Below, we’ve compiled five of the best of them, all having great ratings and functions that can help you achieve your fitness goals, create healthy lifestyle habits, and stay positivie in your day to day. Here are 5 apps that’ll help you stay healthy and be happier:


MyFitnessPal is pretty helpful for keeping a food journal that tracks your diet, so you can better learn about calories and all that complex stuff. The app has a pretty full database of all kinds of food information, informing you on calories, meal planning, healthy recipes, and more. It even lets you know about the contents of restaurant meals.


Headspace is a great app if you’re looking to get involved with guided meditation and don’t know where to start. Although you’ll need to pay if you’re planning on developing a meditation habit, the app includes a few meditation sessions for free, tailored to whatever it is you’re trying to achieve, like relieving stress, managing anxiety, and more.


5 Apps Every Happy Person Needs
Photo by William Hook via Unsplash

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Sleep plays a big role on your happiness and health, and Sleepcycle is one of the few tracking apps that accurately monitors your sleeping habits. The app tracks your quality of sleep cycle and your heart rate, indicating if you’re sleeping peacefully or not. It also has the feature of waking you up when you’re sleeping your lightest in the morning, ensuring that you’ll start the day off feeling well rested and awake.

Live Happy

For more psychologically-oriented apps you have the following two. Live Happy prompts you to do different activities that can elevate your mood, like goal-setting, staying present, creating positive thoughts, and more. While it might take you a little while to develop a habit, once you do you’ll quickly see the benefits.

Thought Diary

Thought Diary is an app that allows you to keep track of your negative thoughts, generating different alternatives that are healthier and giving you the chance to spot these unhealthy patterns.


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