Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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10 Perfect Tweets About Christmas Tree Struggles

The holiday season can be both amazing and trying, and the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive. The things that bring us the most joy, like sharing presents and spending quality time with loved ones, also produce a batch of side effects that are expensive and stressful.

One of the biggest moments of Christmas is setting up the tree, which brings a large host of problems of its own. Should you buy a real tree or a fake one? What about the decorations? Will it even fit in your apartment? What if it catches fire? And who the hell is going to help you take it to the dumpster after?

There are no solutions to these problems because setting up the Christmas tree is always awful. You’ll just have to figure things out as they come along and try to have a good time.

The following tweets, compiled by The Huffington Post, encapsulate the drama and relatability of Christmas tree struggles. While we’re sure that during these incidents the people involved weren’t having the best time, all of us readers can appreciate their misery from a safe distance. Check out 10 of our favorites:


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