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10 Hilarious Border Smuggling Fails Full Of Nope

People have no shame when it comes to sneaking illegal substances across the U.S. border. So much so, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has an entire Instagram account dedicated to all the weird shit they seize. Here are the biggest head scratchers involving food that actual human beings thought they’d get away with bringing into the country: 10 border smuggling fails to end all others.

1. This Whole Roasted Baby Pig

2. This Lettuce Haul That Is Totally Not Sketchy

3. This “Not At All A Vegetable” Brick Of Coke

In November 2015, agents discovered nearly $2 million worth of drugs (weed and cocaine) packaged in fresh carrots and cucumbers.

4. These Tortillas That Give New Meaning To “Make A Run For The Border”

5. These Kissing Kooler Looking Fake Watermelons

6. These Cocakes

7. These Flintstonian Carrots

In January, agents seized 2,493 pounds of weed hidden within a commercial shipment of fresh carrots worth an estimated $499,000.

8. These Coconuts That Had Too Much Fun During Spring Break

9. This Weed Stash Hidden By Someone Who Was Obviously High 

10. These Blocks Of Mongolian Beef That Don’t Look Refrigerated



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