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3 Things You Should Account For When Running Outdoors

Outdoor workouts are very important in the midst of the pandemic, but we should prioritize other people’s health and comfort.

Guidelines and perceptions of outdoor workouts are changing rapidly, with some claiming they’re necessary and with others believing that staying at home whenever possible is vital in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Both statements are true.

While everyone has their own opinions and ways of feeling safe, experts believe that outdoor runs are good for people’s mental and physical health. Still, it’s very important for runners to be extra careful, ensuring that they’re running alone, not crowding streets and timing their runs for when there’s not a lot of people outdoors. This is crucial if you live in a city with a lot of pedestrians.

Here’s what experts are saying about outdoor workouts and the coronavirus:

We should be using face masks

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In states where face masks or coverings are being enforced, even runners should comply with these rules. Although running with a mask sounds like a nightmare, making it harder to breathe, it’s important to comply with your state’s rules in order to be considerate to others and avoid getting a ticket. Wet face masks might not be the most effective at containing sneeze and cough droplets, so try to find the most comfortable covering you can manage.

6 feet of distance is important

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Runners naturally move faster than people who are walking, making it their responsibility to be mindful of other people’s space. When stumbling upon crowded parks and streets, it’s best to look for other spots to run, preferably those that are vacant. If pedestrians are walking by, runners should stop and let them pass, ensuring that a distance of 6-feet  is between them and others at all times.

You may have to try out new jogging trails

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Part of the magic of running is developing a routine and running on your favorite trails. These trails and parks tend to get crowded, which is why some people take issues with runners during the pandemic. In order to protect yourself and others, try looking for new trails to run through, even if they’re not as comfortable as your usual routes. Keeping your distance from others is worth the momentary hassle.


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