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How To Stay Safe While Working Out From Home

At home workouts can be efficient, but they can also pose some health risks.

The pandemic has made us reorient ourselves and get back to basics in terms of mental and physical health, with varying degrees of success. Quarantine moods fluctuate, with many days being productive and fulfilling and others consisting of tons of staring off longingly into space.

Now that most of our fitness is limited to our homes, it’s very important to avoid injuries. “I’ve had about four Achilles ruptures in the last two weeks. I would probably get maybe two a month before this, and I’ve had four in the last two weeks, and it’s people that are either trying to play basketball with their kids outside or they’re trying to do something new that they’re watching on YouTube,” explains a doctor to the Chicago Tribune.

While most of these injuries are harmless enough and wouldn’t derail every day life, right now is not the best time to visit the ER. First, because it’s anxiety inducing and second because we should be especially considerate to our hospitals right now.

Here are some tips that can help you have safer at home workouts:

Don’t get too crazy with your homemade weights

Meghan Markle's Pre-Wedding Diet And Workout Routine
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Fitness enthusiasts recommend using all sorts of household items as weights, whether they’re wine bottles or babies. While you could do this and get great results if you have a strong and precise grip, it’s safer to stick to inanimate objects, preferably ones that won’t break or severely affect your life if they’re dropped (leave your baby or dog alone). Laundry detergents, milk cartons, bags of beans or rice make for some safe and efficient weight options.

Ensure your chairs are sturdy

Chairs are very good for at home workouts, allowing you to do lunges, steps, planks, lifts and even pullups if you’re creative enough. Still, make sure your chair is sturdy and that it won’t break down when used. Also be sure to place it someplace that’s stable when trying out more elaborate routines.

Be aware of your space

3 Reasons Why You Might Be Gaining Weight If You Just Started Working Out
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While we’re all getting a little stir crazy, a good sweat session is not an excuse for you to break down your fragile furniture. Be aware of your space, your stuff and neighbors if you live in an apartment. Stick to workouts that will deliver results and that you can complete without harming yourself.


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