Friday, October 7, 2022

4 Topics To Broach Before Dating Someone Post-Pandemic

The coronavirus is here to stay, making many nervous to get back to real life dating. Here’s how you can approach this change responsibly.

We hate to break it to you, but the coronavirus has altered the ways in which we date. While some are comfortable exposing themselves to some risks, those who are at high-risk can’t afford the luxury. As the pandemic progresses and we adapt to our new socially distanced lives, people should be getting comfortable with discussing uncomfortable topics, such as your date’s possible exposure to the virus. “Have you been self-quarantining?” is the new, “When was the last time you had unprotected sex?”

What sort of topics should you prepare yourself for discussing with a date? And how do you broach these topics in the first place? We did some research and found some valuable starting points.

Keep your dating profile current

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Something that might help you feel more comfortable is to update your dating profile and ensure it looks current. While it might have been cool to have photos of you hanging out with your friends in a sweaty and crowded party, in this climate, it pays to be safe. Take some new photos and flex your photography skills. Forbes recommends using window lighting during the day, standing in front of your window with your back to the room, giving you a movie-like look.

While it’s nice to update your bio regularly, avoid going crazy with the quarantine or depressive vibes. Don’t be aggressive and say something like, “If you don’t wear a mask, swipe right.” We understand the impulse, but you can obtain this information more deftly later on.

Ask about their experiences with COVID-19

It’s important to know whether they’ve had COVID-19 or been with someone who’s had the virus. You should also ask if they’ve had symptoms the week prior to meeting up, which won’t eliminate all risk, but will reduce your odds of contracting the virus.

Get a glimpse of their life post-pandemic

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Once you start chatting and texting with someone, try to paint a picture of their post-pandemic life and whether they follow similar social distancing guidelines. Ask if they’ve been working from home, whether they have roommates or live with family members. This information is important, since it can inform you on their level of risk. Aside from providing you with important information, these questions will also show you if the person you’re talking to is compatible with you.

Check their post-pandemic dating habits

Ask if they’ve been meeting up with other people, whether these meetings have been held in open spaces or closed ones. The more people they’ve been exposed to and the more careless they’ve been will increase your risk of the virus. We’re all itching to socialize, but it’s important you find someone who isn’t so careless if you’re going to be physical with them.



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