Wednesday, July 24, 2024

5 Changes To Your Morning Routine That Will Change Your Life

Energy and self-control are intricately linked; the more tired we are, the harder it is to have self-control and to get things done. This may make you think that doing all the important things early in the morning is the way to go, but the relationship between energy and self-control is more complicated than that. Research proves it’s better to take advantage of moments when productivity peaks.

The Huffington Post discussed the subject of productivity, energy and self-control with several experts.

Here are the best tips they gathered, which will help you adult for real:

Drink Lemon Water And Then Work Out

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Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning will hit your body and brain with a ton of energy that will sustain throughout the day. Lemon water also helps your stomach absorb nutrients throughout the day. After drinking, try doing a short work out that’ll help get your metabolism going and make you feel like you’re starting the day with the right foot forward, boosting your productivity. Research demonstrates that morning workouts increase productivity and self-control.

Don’t Use Your Phone Until After You’ve Had Breakfast

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Try not to check your emails and social media sites after you’ve had breakfast. It will make your morning more efficient and less distracting. Meditate, have some coffee, or work out, and you’ll start the day off with a positive and relaxed attitude.

Set Goals For The Day

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Having concrete goals will make you feel in control, and the more specific the goal the better. By sprinkling a lot of detail in your objectives of the day, you’ll know what you have to do and how to get there, which is already half the battle.

Clean Your Work Space

A study from Princeton University demonstrated that those who worked on clean work spaces were much more efficient with their jobs, and have  less distraction than those who had their space filled with messiness and clutter.

Don’t Multitask

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Multitasking sets your whole day back, and is much less productive than focusing on a single task at a time. It’s a myth that multitasking works; research proves that frequent multitaskers have trouble organizing their thoughts and jumping from one task to the next.


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