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5 Of Apple’s Most Popular Products Were Developed By Other Companies

Apple has the reputation of making things famous before everyone else; something that’s largely true. Most users believe that Apple was the first to make the iWatch, the iPod, and the most prevalent smartphone. While it is true that other companies tend to follow in their footsteps, in a lot of cases, Apple wasn’t the first to invent these technologies.

According to Forbes, the thing that matters most on these instances isn’t who comes up with the technology first; it’s who markets it better. There’s no company in the world who markets better than Apple – except maybe Coca-Cola, because their commercials always make me cry. Apple broke ground when they came up with arguably the best commercial in the world; the 1984 Macintosh ad that aired during the Super Bowl. It has been 30 years since that commercial aired, and Apple’s still revolutionizing marketing.

Check out some of their greatest hits which borrowed heavily from other companies:

App Store

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Apps changed the technology industry, especially the way in which we use our phones. They’re basically the reason why smartphones are smartphones. iPhones are credited as the first to introduce apps, but Nokia had apps 2 years before Apple even invented the iPhone. Their App store was called the N-Gage system, and it worked on Symbian Series 60 devices.

OLED Screens

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Even though a lot of people think that the OLED screen on the iPhone X is breaking new ground, it isn’t. OLED screens have existed for decades, they’re the ones used by several Samsung Galaxy models. Back in 2008, Nokia was the first to implement it on a smartphone. Poor Nokia, where are they now?

Face Unlock

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Windows Hello has been unlocking devices with your face for a while, but it is true that Apple did it way better than them, eliminating glitches and delivering a software that works smoothly and that actually unlocks your device. Windows Hello sucks.

Wireless Charging

I’m surprised that Apple users are this gullible and that they believed the iPhone X and the S8 when they claimed to be the first devices that could handle wireless charge. This technology has been around since 2012, and Apple didn’t remodel or improve the technology for their devices.


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Siri was one of the features that wowed people when it initially came out, but it existed way back in 2012 on Motorola devices. Apple just gave the software a cute and catchy name. I’m not criticizing here, it worked.


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