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5 Spooky Things Alexa Can Do This Halloween

Thanks to Halloween, Amazon has developed a new batch of skills your Alexa device can trigger. Here are some of our favorites.

Amazon is constantly providing updates for Alexa, ensuring that customers always have new things to look forward to. And with Halloween upon us, Amazon has given Alexa some cool features that are easy to use and that provide fun results.

Alexa’s Halloween features range from the cute to the kind of scary. Check out 5 of the coolest ones you can use this October 31.

Tell scary stories

Alexa has different levels of scary stories, providing ones that are kid friendly and others that are a little more serious. The first is the easiest one, and can be triggered by saying “Alexa tell me a spooky story.” The story has sound effects and Alexa’s voice is sort of friendly, resulting in something that’s PG. To trigger the scariest version of Alexa, you have to install the Scare Me skill. Once you’ve done this, say “Alexa, ask Scare Me to tell me a scary story,” which is a little clunky but worth it.

Play spooky songs

You can play Halloween music on Alexa through different methods. You can install the Halloween Music trick or you can simply look for a Halloween playlist on Spotify and ask Alexa to play it.

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Tell Halloween jokes

Alexa devices have tons of jokes in their repertoire. These skills don’t even need to be installed. To hear one, just say “Alexa, tell me a Halloween joke.” The devices’ jokes are never too funny, but they’re a cute party trick if you’re into that kind of stuff.

Play with Alexa lightbulbs

If you have smart bulbs and home service like Yonomi, you can tinker with your lights in order to create something really cool and Halloween themed. You can tailor your Alexa to control all of these settings, turning them on or off depending on what you’re doing. You can check out a quick guide on how to do this, here.

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Halloween games

Alexa has a bunch of cool games you can play, like Ghost Detector or Haunted Adventure. By asking the device which Halloween games are available, it’ll list different versions and how to trigger them. Once you say the command, you can play the game by responding and listening to the different Alexa cues. This is a cool activity for groups or for playing with kids, providing something stimulating without being too creepy.



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