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5 Things To Do In NYC While Fully Lifted

There’s a magic in the air of NYC, and it’s not just the buzz of loosening cannabis laws wafting through. You can walk down the street with a joint now and the worse that can happen is a menial fine. (Though we recommend a more discreet approach to the Big Apple.)

There are enough things to do in the city that never sleeps that it can literally make your head spin, edibles or not. Here are 5 experiences targeted to experiencing the big city while high, whether an old hat or a first time visitor from Sheboygan.

Visit the top of the Empire State Building

Chances are, if you live in NYC it’s been a long time since you’ve been to the top of the Empire State Building. But no matter what time of year, as long as there isn’t a windy nor’easter, going to the top of this majestic building is alway a breathtaking experience, but is utterly heart-stopping when lifted just the right amount.

Reacquaint yourself or feast your eyes on NYC, night or day, and it’s something you’ll never regret. Don’t forget to set your phone’s camera to panorama and get the ultimate banner photo for your blog or social media page.

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Go to an off-Broadway play

Sure, seeing a fully produced, critically acclaimed Broadway show on cannabis or not is a blast. But seeing a quirky, off-Broadway production is a completely different experience, as you never know what to expect. Eating an edible beforehand is the best way to maintain a good feeling throughout and also curb any aches or pains associated with sitting in the same position for awhile. Often actors will go to the venue bar and mingle with patrons, as is the case at 59E59 Theater, where you’re sure to find something intriguing.

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Sleep No More

There’s nothing like a crazy creepy, immersive theatrical experience to really bring out the heartbeat of a high-flying sativa. Seeing The McKittrick Hotel’s infamous show that revolves around Shakespeare’s Macbeth and the 1667 Paisley witch trials, you really should be prepared for some thrills. But we also recommend not knowing much more than that before going in. This nighttime activity ends up in a cool bar for after show cocktails, but bring your vape pen for before and after. Your nerves will thank you.

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Visit The Sony Wonder Technology Lab

Buzzing with the literal electric pulse of the early 90’s tech boom, get a look at how things work on the tech side of things. The “How Devices Work” experience shows behind the scenes glimpses into how high, high tech is made in order to produce films or perform virtual heart surgery.

It shows how much deeper tech goes than the apps we interact with to kill time throughout the day and it’s trippy as anything, so it pairs fantastic with weed.

Eat to your heart’s content

If there’s one thing New York’s known for, it’s the variety and quality of cuisines packed into its busy streets. If you’re getting ready for a stroll through Central Park, another great thing to do while high, check out Landmarc restaurant in The Shops at Columbus Circle, where this bustling French restaurant really knows how to fancy up a burger.

You should also explore the options in whatever part of town you find yourself in. Stop into a random dumpings spot or try a cuisine you’ve never experienced prior. A quick restaurant search of the neighborhood online will reveal the top rated restaurants and if it gets 5 stars in NYC, it’s got to be good. Munchies recommended.

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