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5 Tricks To Help You Get Ready Faster In The Mornings

Morning routines can be easily disrupted. Here are some tricks that can help you nail them and get to work on time.

Mornings are rough, especially after having worked from home for the better part of the pandemic. If your boss is asking you to return to the office and you’re freaking out because you forgot what it feels like to put pants on, stop spinning — it’s possible to get back on track, you just need to be a little more organized.

The key to a good morning is having a good amount of sleep, something that’s already difficult enough. But, if you plan ahead of time and change some small common behaviors, your mornings might not be well-rested, but they might be quick and efficient, which is all you need sometimes. Here are 5 tricks to help you get ready faster in the mornings.

Plan your morning routine at the start of the week

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The earlier you start planning the better. Adapt these plans as works best for you, being as thorough as you want to. While it might be annoying and take a good chunk of time, try planning at least three to four outfits during your Saturday, eliminating all of that stress in one swoop. If you want some wiggle room, choose key pieces of outfits and pick the finishing touches the night before.

Program your coffee maker

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Making coffee doesn’t take a lot of time, but, in the mornings, when you’re feeling sleepy, you might not want to be making coffee. Programming your coffee maker will allow you to skip that step and will also let you smell coffee first thing in the morning, which is an added perk.

Delay checking your phone

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Checking our phone first thing in the morning is something many of us do. But morning phone check-ins can turn into wasted minutes and even hours, something you don’t want when you have a busy day ahead of you. Resist temptation and put off checking your phone until later in the day, whether that’s your lunch break or your commute to work.

Do a sweep of your closet

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Before you start planning outfits, it’s important to know what’s in your closet. Pick a day of your week when you have free time and go through it, taking the opportunity to put stuff away for donation and items that you’d like to wear throughout the week. Knowing what’s in your closet will help you have a better time when picking out clothes and will also let you know of the stuff you need to buy in order to plan cute and functional outfits.

Don’t wash your hair every day

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Lastly, there’s no need to wash your hair every day. Aside from being time-consuming, washing your hair every day also ruins your hair, getting rid of the natural oils that make it shine. People who wash their hair every day often have greasier hair, since it tries to make up for all of the oil that its losing with so many repeated washes. According to hair experts, three or four hair washes a week are more than enough.


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