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7 Practical Snack Hacks For The Ultimate Beach Day

The sun is out, the weather is warm, and you can basically hear the waves screaming your name for a visit. This all makes it nearly impossible to get any work done. The brain gets fuzzy during nice weather, which makes dealing with trivial things whilst heeding the call of the ocean is nearly impossible. Here are 5 easy snack hacks, that utilize every day items, to make your trip to the beach a comfortable one. Hardly any brain work at all, promise.

1. Make Sneaky Beach Cocktails

Grab yourself a jug of juice from the grocery store (strawberry lemonade or pink lemonade work best), add some fruit-flavored vodka (like berry or watermelon),  perhaps a splash of Malibu Rum (memories!), Triple Sec and some fresh berries and you’ve got yourself a stealth back of beach cocktails. Or, if you’re drinking solo, just put a bunch of cocktail ingredients into an empty water bottle and shake.

2. Repurpose Those Empty Snack Containers

Whether they used to house Pringles or coffee creamer, rinse them out and fill them up with things like pretzels, Goldfish crackers, M&Ms, peanuts, etc. to create an instant no-spill snack container.

3. Use That Solo Cup As A Speaker

Stick your phone inside to amplify the music. Make sure it’s empty first. And maybe leave the Taylor Swift for another occasion.

4. Put A Sock On It

Placing your bottled bevy into a wet sock will keep it cooler longer.

5. Frisbees Make Great Trays

6. DIY “Adult Capri Suns”

Mix some vodka and lemonade together, pour into ziplock bags, add a slice of lemon and a straw and freeze. Take the frozen pouches to the beach, let thaw a bit, and drink up!

7. Make Vegetable “Pots”

Because vegetables are sturdy suckers, they make great snacks for the beach. For instance, you can hollow out the innards of a red, orange, or yellow pepper (we all agree green peppers suck, right?), fill half way with hummus, then stick some sliced veggies in there.

You can dip the veggies into the hummus and since you can eat the serving container, you’ll leave the beach waste-free. Same goes for cucumbers. Hollow ’em out, fill with something yummy (hummus, dip, potato salad) and place the other half on top. Better than a hot dog and way less messy to eat.


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