Monday, March 27, 2023

This Tourist Attraction May Install ‘Phone Seats’ Amid Rise Of Selfie Deaths

We now live in an age where people are dying from failed selfie attempts. It’s reported that more than 250 people died while trying to take the perfect selfie between October 2011 and October 2017.

According to the Washington Post, “of the 259 deaths, researchers found the leading cause to be drowning, followed by incidents involving transportation — for example, taking a selfie in front of an oncoming train — and falling from heights. Other causes of selfie-related deaths include animals, firearms and electrocution.”

More than half of those deaths came within just a two-year span from March 2014 to September 2016.

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Last month, Trinity College Dublin student Anand Goel fell to his death at the Cliffs of Moher in Co. Clare while attempting to take a picture of himself more than 600 feet above sea level.

The Irish Post reports that the situation has gotten so far out of hand, an Irish politician has called for the “implementation of special seating units at certain high-up sites to prevent accidents and boost tourism.”

Junior Health Minister, Jim Daly, told the Southern Star that it’s nearly impossible to find the perfect location for a natural beauty shot, so why not just tell people where to sit with a dedicated seat?

“Tourists, being time sensitive, like to know where to go and what to do,” said Daly. “They also like clear shots rather than grainy images on their social media and Instagram.”

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Daly said that just within West Cork, there are dozens of locations that would be perfectly suited for one of these “selfie phone seats”, including the Old Head of Kinsale, Mizen Head, the Beacon in Baltimore, and Lough Hyne woods. These “safe” seats are said to be already popular in Asia.

Daly added, “When it comes to a picture painting a thousand words, the selfie is a very effective marketing tool and we need to harness its potential more. This is a cost-free innovative proposal that will allow Ireland present our best face to the world.”

Minister Daly said officials are open to testing a prototype of the gimmicky, yet potentially life-saving seat.



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