Here’s One Reason Why Amazon’s Alexa Might Be Evil Laughing

Why is a speaker laughing!?

Here's One Reason Why Amazon's Alexa Might Be Evil Laughing
Photo by Rahul Chakraborty via Unsplash

Amazon’s digital voice assistant, Alexa, has been laughing for no particular reason, and people are sufficiently freaked out. This is not something that has affected all Alexa devices, only a few, making people upload videos of the AI’s laughter online.

According to USA Today, people have described Alexa’s laughter as “evil, creepy, bone-chilling, and freaky,” and they’re being nice. Luckily, Amazon figured out the source of the problem and fixed it. The issue? Alexa started giggling because, on rare occasions, she can mistakenly hear the command “Alexa laugh.” That makes no sense, but okay.

Amazon has now changed the command to “Alexa, can you laugh?”, making it harder for the AI to make mistakes.

Amazon claimed that instead of having Alexa laugh straight out, she’ll say, “Sure, I can laugh,” and then laugh. So even if her laughter is triggered by accident, at least you’ll have a warning and not be attacked by the giggles from hell.

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