Friday, July 19, 2024

An In-N-Out Burger Mysteriously Appears In New York

Wow – an In-N-Out Burger mysteriously appears in NYC.  A lucky guy discovered a perfectly preserved In-N-Out burger laying on a street in Queens. In-N-Out representatives say they’re as confused as we are, and that they can’t figure out how this happened since the closest restaurant to New York is over 1,500 miles away.

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In-N-Out’s vice president released a statement saying that he was surprised about this finding, and that he doesn’t get how a double-double made its way from the west coast to a corner street in Queens. “Because our burgers are only cooked fresh to order in six states, it must have taken considerable planning for that burger to make the trip from the grill all the way to the Empire State,” he said.

The finder of the mystery burger was Lincoln Boehm, a Brooklyn-based creative director, who, on conversation with the New York Post, said that the discovery “genuinely shook me to my core.”

Boehm says that In-N-Out burgers are his favorite meal and that he’d always wanted to bring them to New York. The trip always made them messy and soggy while the burger found on the street looked as if it was fresh off the grill. He theorizes that this stunt is due to the influence of a very rich person. “Somebody incredibly wealthy who had a private jet … traveled with like 50 burgers and got here, and had a few extra left, and maybe, while driving to the airport was jokingly throwing them out of the car to people.”

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While many are trying to wrap their heads around this cataclysmic event, it’s unlikely someone will learn of what happened. Maybe this will push In-N-Out to finally open a restaurant in the east coast. This mystery burger should be interpreted as a clear sign.


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