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Apple Is Secretly Developing Its Own Screens For The First Time

Apple is known for producing a variety of products that are used by tons of different people who tend to be pretty loyal to the company. Odds are, if you own an iPhone, your laptop is probably a Mac. And if you’re into tech, then you probably own an Apple Watch.

Apple’s never been a company to produce its own parts; for example, the company purchases its screens from Samsung and its cameras from Sony.

While that business model has worked for them in the past, rumors surrounding the company claim that Apple is now interested in developing its own parts, so that they can get the upper hand in the competition. Last year, Apple reportedly invested millions of dollars on the development of LG screens; now, according to Bloomberg, the company is secretly developing its own technology for better displays.

The screens Apple’s developing are MicroLED screens, which use different lights than OLED screens—the displays that are mostly used on other smartphones. These MicroLED screens promise to make smartphones much slimmer, brighter, and with longer battery life, but they’re also much more difficult to develop than traditional OLED displays.

While the development of these screens is still at an early stage, it would really hurt the competition if Apple were to achieve this; iPhone screens would all of the sudden outperform Samsung’s screens, which have always had the edge. In the meantime, you can expect Apple to stick with OLED screens for at least a couple of more years.


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