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Apple Might Launch 5 iPhones This Year, Some Of Them With 3 Cameras

A new report claims that this year, Apple will launch a grand total of five iPhones. Three of these devices will be upgraded versions of last year’s models, with the other two being new smartphones with three rear cameras and larger lenses.

The report comes from Japanese tech blogger Macotakara who cites sources from Apple’s supply chain in China. It includes a mock up of images showing off the look of the devices, which have a cluttered back with three camera slots with large lenses. Although the mock up suggests some serious camera power, it lacks Apple’s traditionally sleek design.

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According to the report, these phones will have a similar width and length to Apple’s current lineup of iPhones, only being a few millimeters thicker and including upgraded chips and features.

While some people find it hard to believe that Apple would release five phones within the span of a single year, other experts point out that Apple is working hard to switch things up. Their current lineup of iPads includes five models with different specs and prices.

We’ll have to wait until this Fall to confirm Apple’s plans, but it’s safe to assume that multiple cameras will be featured. During the past couple of years smartphone makers like Huawei, Samsung and Nokia have included up to five cameras on their devices. It doesn’t make for the most discreet look but the resulting photos are gorgeous.


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