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How To Replace Your iPhone’s Battery Without The Help Of Apple

You’ve probably heard of Apple’s latest drama, which began when the company confirmed the long held assumption that older models of their phones become slower the more they age. The company explained that this is due to the device’s aging battery, which has trouble handling the latest updates of the OS.

It’s an understandable problem. The reason why people are so angry is because Apple makes it really damn hard to fix the phone’s battery, charging up to 79 dollars plus shipping and tax. In the end, Apple just wants you to buy a new phone and be done with it.

This problem with Apple’s batteries has sparked up some controversy. The company has tried to remedy this by allowing custumers to switch batteries for a $29 service fee, which will last until December 31st 2018. This price drop made people go crazy, so now, if you have an iPhone 6 Plus with a failing battery, you’ll have to wait a couple of months for Apple to get some new batteries. According to MacRumors, this will be during late March or early April.

If you need an urgent battery change, here’s what you can do: 

Do It Yourself

Pay Someone To Do It For You

There’s no shame here. Even though it is possible to change the battery yourself, Apple devices are very hard to tinker with, especially if you’ve never fixed a phone before. LifeHacker suggests using iCracked, which offers on-site repairs of batteries while also fixing other iPhone problems, such as cracked screens.

If iCracked doesn’t operate within your area, you can check out your neighboring smartphone repair store, which will probably give you some suggestions or fix your battery for a fee.


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