Apple’s Next iPad Pro Could Look A Lot Like The iPhone X

Apple plans on revamping their iPads.

Apple's Next iPad Pro Could Look A Lot Like The iPhone X
Photo by Matthew Henry via Burst

Apple is planning on improving their iPads, releasing two models in the coming year that are different and promise an upgrade that , up until now, the tablets have been missing. One of the tablets is cheaper and accessible to schools, the other will look like a large iPhone X.

This iPad will be called iPad Pro and it could feature Face ID, no notch, and a much thinner and sleek design. This discovery was found by 9to5Mac, hidden in the code of beta 5 of Apple’s iOS 12. The icon found on the software shows an iPad with no notch.

Another bit of code was uncovered by9to5Mac developer Guilherme Rambo, who uploaded an image on Twitter.

In order to have access to Face ID, iPhones must have True Depth camera, which is currently exclusive for iPhone X devices. In the future, Apple might make the technology available for all of their devices, or they might save the most expensive and cool features for higher priced products.

If the iPad Pro follows the footsteps of the iPhone, then it’s likely that it won’t feature a headphone jack. Which is the worst idea that Apple is successfully popularizing.

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