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‘Bathleisure’ Is Now A Fashion Trend And We Don’t Know Why

If you’ve seen photos of women wearing towels on their head like it was the next big fashion trend, welcome to “bathleisure.” It’s the latest style obsession no doubt clogging your Instagram feed.

“What is it, tho,” you ask. Like its sibling athleisure, the trend of making sportswear en vogue, appears to have originated in November on The Cut, which coined the term to describe Rihanna‘s look on the cover of British Vogue, according to Allure.

Here she is, somehow looking totally put together in this insane outfit that conveys a style of both sheer lethargy and contempt.

Rita Ora also nailed the look on the red carpet at the MTV EMAs in London back in November.

As Allure points out, both  Man Repeller and Mashable have picked up the story, making it an official photo op.

Now, on to the important topic. How the eff does one “bathleisure?” It’s as simple as wearing a look that says “I just stepped out of the shower but I need to look hot because I have somewhere to be and people to impress.” Think, sexy outfit with sunglasses and a wet head wrapped in a white towel. Don’t think you can pull if off? You’re probably right. If you’re not Ri-Ri or Ri-ta, you should probably just get dressed and dry your hair before you go out in public like the rest of the proletariat. But if you find yourself feeling super lazy, know that your spa-day look will be totally justifiable. Just make sure to snap a selfie or it didn’t happen.


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