Monday, November 29, 2021
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BBC One-Ups John Lewis For Best Tearjerker Christmas Video

One way to know Christmas season has officially started is to check if you’re crying. Every year, the UK department store John Lewis releases a Christmas advertising campaign that pulls at heartstrings and announces the holiday’s craze has begun.

The advertisement has become somewhat of a popular tradition overseas that has breached our shores thanks to the power of the internet (and hyper-aggressive marketing agencies). This year, to up the ante, John Lewis shelled out £7m campaign featuring Moz the Monster and hired Oscar-winning director Michel Gondry to film the spot.

But it wasn’t the most devastating Christmas ad this year. Heck, it wasn’t even the best Christmas ad from the United Kingdom.

That honor instead goes to BBC One and the media organization’s “Christmas Together” ad. Using a combination of stop motion and CGI technologies, it tells the story of a hard-pressed father and daughter struggling during the Christmas season. Eventually the pair erupt in a kaleidoscopic dance routine that unites dad with daughter and is sure to moisten the eyes.

Social media users loved it and crowned the advertisement as the winner of the Christmas season.


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