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Canadian Sketch Comedy Pokes Fun At Marijuana Worries At US Border

Are marijuana-loving Canucks really a worry here?

Screenshot via 22 Minutes/Youtube

You could say that anxiety around cannabis at the U.S.-Canada border is at an all-time high. People are getting banned for life from the United States for revealing any association with the cannabis industry. Admitting past drug use could also get you banned for life.

Trying to add some levity to the issue, the long-running Canadian sketch comedy show “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” poked fun at Canadians crossing the border.

The show focuses on four main archetypes of characters who may have trouble crossing: cannabis investors, recreational users, a start-up associate, and obviously stoned teenagers. In a fun twist, the border agent allows all of them to pass through because, “it’s not like Canadian weed lovers can do any more harm to Donald Trump’s America.”

Legal adult-use cannabis sales will start Oct. 17 in Canada.

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