Saturday, July 11, 2020
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How A Shaolin Monk Broke A Pane Of Glass With A Needle

You can break a pane of glass with a needle by throwing the small object with an incredible amount of precision and technique. Or, that’s what a Shaolin Monk can do with tons of training and knowledge on the matter. And some meditation or something.

In a shocking video from Youtube channel The Slow Mo Guys, Feng Fei, a Shaolin monk, demonstrates his unique and awesome skill of making a needle go through a pane of glass, bursting the balloon that was sitting behind it.

The glass pane doesn’t burst into pieces like you’d expect, it’s more complex than that. The monk gathers the necessary focus and energy to throw the needle at the right speed and at the right place so that it can dent the glass pane and burst the balloon lying closely behind.

According to Livescience, while the slow mo video looks amazing, it’s an even more incredible feat when you know the particles that make up glass and that make it such a complex object.

According to physicists from Cornell University, glass is an extremely powerful object until it cracks, when it becomes very easy to break. They believe that the trick lies in the strength and precision in which you throw the needle, knowing exactly where to hit so the glass pane can crack. Once this happens, the rest is very easy.


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