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Check Out This Irish Bar Where You Can Crash After A Night Of Drinking

How amazing would it be if every bar offered a place for you to lay your head after a night of drinking? Way more comfortable than the sidewalk, no?

There is such place. In Ireland. But it’s really and Airbnb.

It’s called Conroy’s Old Bar and it bills itself as The World’s First Self-Catering Bar—  a converted home that used to be a functioning pub. It’s also known as The Pub With No Beer.

Sad face.

Yep. This bar is dry.

And on Conroy’s website, they make that clear:

On entering Conroy’s Old Bar you could be mistaken into thinking it’s business as usual…So much so, that we advise our guests to keep the chain on the door; otherwise you could find at the bar, unsuspecting passers by, who are looking for a pint of the black stuff !

They also are strict about leaving the place as you found it. Under their FAQ & RULES they stipulate that “Conroy’s Old Bar is 1st and foremost our home. It contains our belongings, some of which have sentimental memories attached to them. With this in mind, we expect ALL guests to treat Conroy’s Old Bar with the respect it deserves and LEAVE IT AS YOU FIND IT.”

But mostly, they just make the place sound amazing:

The bar area with its Liscannor stone floor, highly polished mahogany bar, bar pumps, optics and the original till, has discreetly hidden behind it the fully functioning kitchen, where you can rustle up your own “bar food”. One comment our guests make time and time again is how they love having “breakfast at the bar”. The bar area is also home to the dart board and the skittles game.

There is also a room that has been converted from an old cellar that’s retained its sloping floor “to aid the moving of the barrels and also it’s original beer barrel delivery door.”

The cost? A little more than $100 per night. About the same price as a night on the town.

Here’s a look inside:


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