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Coolest Tech-Savvy Wine Gadgets Of 2017

You always knew drinking was cool, but you probably didn’t expect that the kids from high school chemistry class or the beekeeping club would be showing you how to drink cool today. Courtesy of tech-savvy entrepreneurs who aimed their geek-powered creativity at alcohol enjoyment, technology has gotten a lot more mainstream in the world of wine. Here are some of the coolest tech-savvy wine gadgets of 2017.

Like Jeff Bezos at the Golden Globes, high-tech offerings in the wine community might stick out like a bald, sore thumb, but they are worth every penny to take your drink experience next level. Here are five devices to throw your leftover holiday money at to achieve faster, cleaner, longer-lasting and potentially better wine.

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Aervana Electric Wine Aerator ($100)

Photo courtesy of Aervana

It takes mere seconds for the world’s first electric wine aerator to push an entire bottle of wine through its battery-powered aeration system, achieving heightened aromas and flavors in moments, instead of hours. Better faster, its patented electric pneumatic process gives more air surface contact to the wine, ultimately speeding up the oxidation and allowing the wine to reach its optimal taste immediately. Waiting for wine to decant is so 2016.

Wine Squirrel Decanter ($70)

Photo courtesy of Wine Squirrel

Unfinished wine bottles will no longer meet their fate in the sink drain with this wine preservation decanter. Created from a napkin sketch, the Wine Squirrel goes into action after decanting the wine, by inserting an airtight seal down to the level of the liquid, twisting and preserving the wine from air contact until you’re ready to drink it again — allegedly even up to a week later. Pre-orders are available now for this Kickstarter-funded gadget with an estimated March ship date.

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Plum ($1,500)

Photo courtesy of Plum

Pick a bottle, any bottle. Natural or artificial cork and even screw cap, this motorized system will pierce the closure, pressurize the bottle with argon gas and extract the wine only when it’s ready to be consumed, in customizable serving sizes. For up to 90 days, the fully automated Plum will identify the wine and chill to its ideal serving temperature, with navigation displayed on a directional touchscreen, showcasing the labels and key info on the two separately chambered bottles it holds. In other words, white wine can be served frosty and red at ideal cellar temp from the same machine. For a kicker, Plum will ship a stunning Zalto wine glass with pre-orders for a limited time. Expect to see this cubical drink device shipping this spring.

Üllo Wine Purifier ($80)

Photo courtesy of Ullo

Tired of hearing your mom complain about the sulfites in wine bothering her the next day (because it certainly isn’t due to the bottle she drained the night before)? Üllo’s Selective Sulfite Capture™ technology might be the solution, hitting the reset button and returning wine to its natural state. The purifier removes sulfites (the preservatives often added to wine) and any leftover sediment while also aiding as an adjustable aerator, all in a palm-sized, travel-friendly filter. Place the purifier on the top of a decanter or glass and pour the wine through to strip the juice of sulfites for a headache-free next day.

Rabbit Automatic Electric Corkscrew ($50)

It’s not lazy if science does it for you. Rabbit released the world’s first automatic electric corkscrew a few years back and like the wine itself, this just gets better with time. The latest edition requires minimal action on the drinker’s behalf, asking only for the corkscrew to be simply set on top of the bottle of choice where it will automatically cut the foil, remove and eject the cork, even without the extra step of pushing a button. The rechargeable opener can pop over 30 bottles of wine on a single bottle charge, in case you are very thirsty and extremely lazy.

We hope you enjoy the some of the coolest tech-savvy wine gadgets!


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