Thursday, July 18, 2024

Marijuana-Friendly RV Park Planned In Oregon

It’s the perfect marriage for the outdoorsy cannabis consumer: An RV park that will cater to campers who enjoy a toke or two around the campfire.

Grow Condos, an Oregon-based cannabis firm, announced on Monday its plans to build “Smoke On The Water,” a cannabis-friendly park for recreational vehicles.

“This is one of the most exciting ventures to date for our company,” said Wayne Zallen, CEO of Grow Condos. “The opportunity for this segment of the real-estate industry is potentially very advantageous and largely untapped. This year we expect significant growth through this subsidiary, as we build, launch, and brand one of Oregon’s next beautiful cannabis friendly destinations,” he added.

Grow Condos has entered into an agreement to acquire Lake Selmac Resort, located just 20 miles south of Grants Pass, Oregon and about two miles east of Highway 99 in the southern part of the state. Lake Selmac Resort features everything a camper would enjoy: fishing, swimming, boating, RV parking, tent camping and cabins. And, hopefully soon, marijuana.

Toking in national and state parks is still illegal, but Grow Condos believes that relaxed marijuana laws are indeed a powerful motivator for tourists, which “creates a very lucrative niche opportunity for smaller, privately owned properties that can offer the freedom of experiencing Oregon’s strikingly beautiful landscape while also allowing its visitors to enjoy Oregon’s 420 friendly privileges,” the company said in a statement.

Summer Fun! Marijuana-Friendly RV Park Planned In Oregon:

“More people than ever are choosing to come to Oregon, and they are traveling farther than ever to get here. They are coming to enjoy the things we love: natural beauty, wilderness, adventure, amazing fresh food, wine, craft beer, world-class sports, and a vibrant arts and culture community. The result of all these visitors is a long list of powerful statistics and measures that show the profound economic power of tourism in Oregon.”

Now that Oregon has made recreational cannabis legal, perhaps it will add its world-renown marijuana cultivation alongside the craft beer and wine.

In a recent survey done in Colorado, the following statistics were discovered:

“Potential summertime visitors who were exposed to the state’s tourism ads said the marijuana laws influenced vacation decisions almost 49 percent of the time.”

While Colorado’s tourism ad campaign does not mention marijuana, 22 percent of survey respondents said marijuana access was “extremely influential” in their decision to visit Colorado. Another 27 percent of Rocky Mountain High toursits said the herb positively influenced their decision in some way.

 According to Zallen, the company is looking to expand its concept to other legal cannabis states. The innovative RV parks would a retail outlet, he said.



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