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Cotton Candy Ice Cream Burritos And 7 Other Summer Dessert Mashups

There seems to be a phase every year in which dessert companies try to come up with insane mashups fit for social media. This phase lasts about three months and is often referred to as “summer.”

If a waffle ice cream sandwich is made and no one is there to photograph it, does it really exist?

The front runner for 2017’s crazy summer sugar bomb is this ice cream burrito wrapped in cotton candy.

Foodbeast reports the hybrid is the brain freeze child of Sugar Sugar in Ontario, Canada. It’s three scoops of ice cream (bubble gum, birthday cake, cotton candy) atop a flattened cloud of cotton candy that’s rolled up like a damn burrito. Oh, and it’s sprinkled with UNICORN DUST WHATEVER THAT IS.

Here are 7 other dessert combos that are low-key crazy town.

1. Ice Cream Stuffed Marshmallow

If Hostess ever calls a “do over” on their Snowball (and they should), it’ll hopefully taste like this.


2. Churro Ice Cream Cones

Better than a traditional cone, because the doughy churro absorbs the ice cream.

3. Cookie Dough In A Cone

Stoners have been doing this for decades.

4. Pizza Ice Cream Topped Pizzaย 

So meta!


5. Cotton Candy Ice Cream

It’s like a sweater for when your ice cream gets chilly.

6. Spaghetti Ice Cream

Gelato pressed through a pasta maker and topped with strawberry syrup. Kinda gross, tbh.

7. Flan Topped Cupcakes

Truth: Frosting > custard hats. Always.


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