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20 Insane Ice Cream Flavors From Around The World

This is what happens when Willy Wonka goes AWOL.

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As the weather starts to get warmer and the days longer, seeing photos of stacked ice cream cones on our social media feeds usually leads to thoughts of sweet treats and strolls through the park. As you imagine yourself walking down the street licking a cone, what flavor comes to mind? Maybe chocolate peanut butter, or if you want to get really crazy, perhaps some salted caramel? Time to up your daydreaming game, because ice cream flavors are getting weirder all the time. Here’s 20 pieces of proof.

Toasted Leftover Baguette PB&J

Salt & Straw, Portland, OR

We collaborated with @urbangleanerspdx to fight #foodwaste with Urban Gleaners’ Toasted Baguette PB&J!

A post shared by Salt & Straw Ice Cream (@saltandstraw) on

This Portland based creamery, now with shops in Los Angeles, is using leftovers in their ice cream to create a waste-free product. Enter their baguette peanut butter and jelly flavor, made with salvaged unused bread from high-end grocery stores and restaurants, courtesy of Urban Gleaners.

Here, they’ve toasted the surplus baguettes, steeped them in sweet cream, and added swirls of jam to the mix. The fruit and berry jam also comes from Urban Gleaners and it’s paired with chocolate peanut butter.

Foraged Wild Garlic

Murphy’s, Dingle, Ireland

A trial batch of foraged Wild Garlic ice cream. #icecream #ireland #murphysicecream #unusual #flavour #realfood ?❤️?

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Fried Chicken & Waffles

Coolhaus, Los Angeles, CA

How about breakfast for dinner? How does fried chicken and waffles ice cream sound? #gramyoursam

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Brown butter maple ice cream with maple candied chicken skins and caramelized waffles make this a popular choice…for brunch.

Fast Food

Coolhaus, Los Angeles, CA

Salted Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate malt balls, and french fry crisps for when you’re craving fries dipped in a shake.

Smoked Pineapple and Green Chartreuse

Humphry Slocombe, San Francisco, CA


Papa Cream, Mumbai, India

Bacon & Onion

Cool N2, Ontario, Canada 

Sea Salt Popcorn

Tuck Shop Take Away, Melbourne, Australia

Now showing – Sea salt popcorn soft serve ??? #tuckshoptakeaway

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Lemon Meringue with Injectable Curd

Nitrogenie, Noosa, Australia

Chips & Dip

Coolhaus, Los Angeles, CA

Having dinner for dessert make sense here. Creamy cream cheese and mascarpone base with salty , chocolate-covered potato chips!

Black Jelly Bean

Tuck Shop Take Away, Melbourne, Australia

You either love them or hate them…. Black Jelly bean soft serve. #tuckshoptakeaway

A post shared by Old skool vibe New skool twist (@tuckshoptakeaway) on

Strawberry Horseradish

Max & Mina’s, Flushing, NY

Max and Mina’s is famous for their “every flavor under the sun” menu that has been known to include pesto, turkey dinner, and lox.

Hawaiian Pizza

Hanjip Korean BBQ, Culver City, CA

Eccentric ice creamery Coolhaus teamed up with Hanjip Korean BBQ to create a trio of ice cream sandwiches that includes: Korean Chili Fries, Hawaiian Pizza and Korean Cookies & Cream.

The Hawaiian Pizza features pineapple ice cream flecked with pieces of Spam and sandwiched between white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. The Korean Chili Fries consists of red bean ice cream with shoestring fries and a concoctions of snack-foods (butterscotch, pretzels and potato chips).

Fish Fry

Ted & Wally’s, Omaha, NE

Fish Fry: Swedish Fish candy and Cap'n Crunch swimming in blue cake mix. Happy Lent!

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Cap’n Crunch and Swedish Fish candy swimming in blue cake mix ice cream.

Breast Milk

The Icecreamists, London, England

ice cream made with human breast milk. it exists

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Parmesen, Fig & Honey

Pidapipó Gelateria, Melbourne, Australia

Ice Cold Beer

Max & Mina’s, Flushing, NY

Crème de la Corn

Dominique Ansel Kitchen, Tokyo, Japan

Nouvelle création de Dominique Ansel pour sa boutique de Tokyo : glace au maïs sur épi grillé !

A post shared by Faur Philippe (@philippe.faur) on

The ice cream comes atop an entire ear of hot, grilled corn (including the husk) which has been braised in a mixture of soy sauce and butter.

Bacalao (salt cod)

Heladeria Lares, Puerto Rico

Muy por encima! Sabores unicos #heladerialares

A post shared by elgangster (@elgangster) on

Also on offer: rice and beans, corn, and rice and sausage ice cream flavors.

Wasabi Peanut

Café Waldi’s, Bavaria, Germany

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