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This Cup Allows You To Have Period Sex Without Making A Mess

As a way of leading less messy lives, Swedish women’s health brand Intimina designed a menstrual cup that’s reusable and, wait for it, wearable during sex.

The Ziggy Cup is very thin and resistant and is also the only menstrual cup on the market (at least in Sweden) that can be reused and that can hold on during all sorts of activities. According to the Intimina’s website, the Ziggy Cup is designed to lay flat against the cervix so that it can’t be felt by you or the person you’re having sex with.

Photos courtesy of Intimina

The cup can be worn for up to 12 hours, much longer than a tampon or a pad, and it has a “leak proof double rim” which means that it works overtime to stop all sorts of leaks.

Photos courtesy of Intimina

The Ziggy Cup can be used for up to two years, as long as you wash it and take care of it by placing it in its protective case. This is very cool because it can reduce tons of waste. Just imagine how much money and paper you’ll save by using one instrument that’s equipped to handle all of your periods for two years. That’s like, 20 menstrual cycles if your periods are regular and if our math is correct.

You can read more about the Ziggy Cup here, and purchase it from Amazon here.



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