Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Cannabis Craft Beer Is Coming To Colorado

Coming this Fall! Keith Villa is the man behind the now infamous Blue Moon Belgian Wheat Beer. With its tantalizing hint of orange peel, further enhanced by the slice of orange from the bartender or refrigerator, Blue Moon really set itself apart in the beer market. These new beers are set to do the same, but in a whole new field. Cannabis craft beer is coming to Colorado and we have Villa to thank.

The new beers will come in three distinct styles from a light wheat to a proposed stout and will be actual brewed beer, but with the alcohol removed and replaced with THC. Villa teamed up with the Colorado based company Ebbu to make the infusions a reality. Whereas most edibles take an hour or so to kick in, Ebbu insists that through science and double blind tests they have come up with a product that kicks in as you imbibe, making it even more like a beer or alcohol experience, just without the headache.

Villa isn’t in this for the gimmick, either. He loves beer, having spent 32 years with MillerCoors. He doesn’t want to create cannabis flavored drinks, he wants to create a beer experience that beer lovers will appreciate on the afternoons or evenings that they don’t feel like having any alcohol, but do feel like cracking open a cold one.

Villa was quoted in USA Today as saying, “This is really about brewing great beers that beer drinkers love. You’d just swap out an alcoholic beer for one of our beers.” And let the sensations wash over you. As Ebbu has tweaked their additive to be active in real time, the plan is that, just like it’s unpleasant to be too drunk, you’ll be able to control just how high you get off the beverages.

The beers will come in ice cold six packs and will launch in Colorado, though Villa hopes to expand to other legal states after the initial push. According to USA Today, Villa became more interested in cannabis and its benefits during his retirement. And he is likely onto something big. This is an innovative product that just skirts federal regulations by removing the alcohol from the beer before infusing it. Smart. Clearly the work of a master brewer and soon to be the latest way to be a mile high in Colorado.


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