Sunday, August 14, 2022

Facebook Is Now Monitoring The Use Of ‘Sexual’ Emojis

Facebook is cracking down on posts with a sexual nature, including emojis that may have sexual implications.

Social media websites have been facing more pressure to limit the sexual content that reaches users. Last year, Tumblr banned all sorts of sexual content and so did Craigslist, prompting impassioned responses from all sorts of people. Now, Facebook, which also owns Instagram, is cracking down on posts with a sexual nature, including emojis that may have sexual implications. Confused? You’re not alone.

According to XBIZ, an adult industry website, Facebook updated their community standards last year, but it was only recently that the final corrections became effective. Emojis of a sexual nature, like eggplants and peaches, play a part when the post appears to solicit or coordinate sexual encounters between adults.

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study finds connection between emoji use and sex
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Facebook explains:

“Content makes the aforementioned offer or ask using one of the following sexually suggestive elements: Contextually specific and commonly sexual emojis or emoji strings, or Regional sexualized slang, or Mentions or depictions of sexual activity (including hand drawn, digital, or real world art) such as: sexual roles, sex positions, fetish scenarios, state of arousal, act of sexual intercourse or activity (sexual penetration or self-pleasuring), or Imagery of real individuals with nudity covered by human parts, objects, or digital obstruction, including long shots of fully nude butts.”

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Since their explanation is vague and up to interpretation, this could mean that uploading a post with a peach emoji, something that’s very common, might result in a ban. Facebook community guidelines also state that after several warnings and banned posts, your account could be deactivated.

Where are people going to go for their sexy content among friends? Is Twitter the answer? We’ve experienced that once and it wasn’t great.


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