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First Date? Here’s How To Talk About Sensitive Stuff Like Vaccines

First Date? Here's How To Talk About Sensitive Stuff Like Vaccines
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Dating in today’s world involves asking a lot of questions, including those referencing the COVID-19 vaccine. Here’s how to broach these sensitive topics.

Dating has been heavily affected by the pandemic. While not all of us steered clear of meeting others in person, a large percentage of people added virtual dates to their roster, breaking their COVID-19 protocols only after they were vaccinated. Nowadays, on a first date, you’ll likely reach the awkward moment where you ask each other whether you’re vaccinated or not, getting an inkling towards the other person’s approach to the pandemic.

The rise of COVID-19 has also brought a rise of wellness and health-related questions into dating, with the previous year and people’s experiences playing a role in people’s conversations. The New York Times spoke with several experts, who explained the best ways to broach sensitive topics like whether or not someone has the COVID-19 vaccine, their safety measures, and mental health status.

The vaccine

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While a lot of people get into the details of their vaccine as soon as possible, including it in their profiles or discussing it over texts, others take a more cautious approach. There’s not a wrong way to approach the topic, but Dr. La Keita Carter says that a question like “Tell me what you think about the vaccine,” is a good starting point.

Their pandemic experiences

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Topics like mental health aren’t usually ice breakers, but this year, all bets are off. Asking about someone’s experience during the pandemic and their mental health is a nice thing to do, and might be easier than avoiding the elephant in the room. Asking them straight out with an open question like “How did the pandemic affect you?” or simply opening up a bit and sharing your own experiences without going overboard could be a good way to get to know each other.

Dating in this climate is not the easiest of things to do, so it’s important to be kind to yourself and date as often as you feel comfortable with. Some people may achieve this comfort with more ease than others, and that’s fine. Take your time.

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