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Former MMA Fighter Anthony Johnson Is Flirting With Cannabis Industry

Another week, another MMA fighter showing serious interest in marijuana. Following Nate Diaz’s comments regarding “banking out” with the cannabis industry, Anthony Johnson revealed his post-career plans and it too involves the industry.

Speaking on former pro wrestler Booker T’s podcast “Heated Conversations,” the former UFC light heavyweight opened up about his plans and why he wanted to leave fighting behind.

“My friend Paul, he’s in Canada, and we’re opening up a facility—you know what I mean—and it’s for medical usage,” Johnson said.

MMA Junkie indicated that Johnson left very little doubt he would eventually open a shop, though he didn’t explicitly state that fact. The goal, it seems, will involve establishing business in Johnson’s home state of Florida, which passed medical marijuana legalization with 71 percent approval.

However, the state is undergoing serious stalling in the legislature and the outcome is starting to appear murky. One policy director for United For Care even went as far to say it is a “a fatally flawed piece of legislation.”

“We’re just waiting on that law to pass, and whenever it passes, we’re golden,” Johnson said on the podcast. “We’re playing our cards right. We are playing by the books, so that way there is no issue.”

Johnson won’t be the first MMA fighter to enter the medical cannabis industry. As MMA Junkie wrote, Ian McCall dabbled in the industry, before a falling out with his business partners. He had one strong piece of advice for Johnson.

“Get a really, really good lawyer, and pay the yearly retainer fee,” McCall told MMA Junkie. “Pony up, because the rules change all the time. When the rules change like that, you can go to (expletive) prison.”

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