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From The WTF Files: Barney The Dinosaur Is Now A Tantric Sex Healer

Passions and interests change: If you don’t believe this then look no further than David Joyner, the retired actor who was known for portraying Barney The Dinosaur. He played the iconic character for a decade, appearing in different shows and videos such as “Barney & Friends,” “Barney and the Backyard Gang,” and “Hip Hop Harry.”

Nowadays, Joyner is a tantric massage therapist. His specialty is women, in fact, he only accepts female customers, whom he refers to as “Goddesses” (gag). Each session costs 350 dollars, and can last from three to four hours. They include a ritual bath, and chakra balancing massages that sometimes result in mind blowing orgasms.

Vice interviewed Joyner due to this curious transition in professions. Joyner claims that he’s always been involved with tantric energy, and that it was thanks to his practices that he was able to wear the 70 pound Barney suit for such long periods of time.

After the article was published, Joyner took to social media to critique the angle of the piece, claiming that the focus of the story wasn’t on his spiritual practices. I’m sorry, David. You were Barney, so the focus will always be on that.

“I truly wish more people would try to see the spiritual [side] of Tantra & not think it’s all about sex. Sometimes people here in the west can be so sad.”

Joyner was born in Illinois.


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