Monday, July 15, 2024

Here’s How You Can Wrap Weird Shaped Presents

There’s nothing like unwrapping a perfectly wrapped Christmas gift. It’s the reason why kids in movies are always ripping them apart. Despite the fact that there are really cute Christmas bags, which are also convenient and easy to use, presents wrapped with holiday themed paper are without a doubt superior. The issue is that wrapping these gifts takes time and skill.

When presents are shaped weird, like bottles or a tennis racquet, your problems are increased tenfold. Wrapping these gifts is complicated, demanding that you waste an entire roll of tape and cut your fingers only to have the end result look like crap.

Since gift wrapping makes up around 80-percent of Christmas, we’ve compiled a short list of videos that can help you wrap up these presents like a pro. Check them out:

Wine and alcohol bottles

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A good bottle of wine is a great Christmas present but its shape isn’t the friendliest for wrapping paper. The method above requires few tools and is simple enough, twisting the wrapping on the top of the wine bottle to make it look like a giant piece of candy.

Cylinders shaped presents

This video teaches you how to turn the edges of your present, so your candle, box, or other cylinder shaped object looks like it was wrapped by someone who actually knows whats they’re doing.

The lotus wrapping method

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This style of wrapping is really cute and also eco-friendly, using a scarf instead of paper. All sorts of square items can be wrapped in there, and it only takes a couple of minutes.

Just large weird shaped things

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This video shows you what to do when you have to wrap something that has a very particular and unique shape. By wrapping each side individually, your gift will look much more careful than if you’d use a really long piece of wrapping paper, which would’ve surely ripped and wrinkled.

When all else fails… a bag made out of wrapping paper

There are objects out there that refuse to be categorized, so a paper bag is a good choice and also relatively easy to make. You can tie the top with a ribbon or tape it down, allowing for you to add anything you want inside your DIY bag.


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