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How To Use ‘Shake,’ The iPhone’s Most Useful And Overlooked Feature

Fixing mistakes and errors on our phones is never as easy as it is on a computer. Since laptops and desktops were built for long hours of typing and grinding, Macs and PCs have shortcuts that allow you to quickly fix an error by either pressing Command + Z or CTRL + Z. This comfort is mostly available because of your keyboard, which gives you more control than a 6 inch touchscreen.

In an effort to make smartphones more useful and advanced, developers created gestures as a way of creating a bridge between handheld devices and computers, offering you simple solutions for those moments when you’ve been typing something and make a mistake. Gestures take advantage of the one thing that hand held devices hold over computers: portability and comfort.

The iPhone’s “shake to undo” feature has been around since 2009, yet it’s mainly forgotten and underused, despite the fact that it allows you to take back an error, including auto-correct spelling, by simply shaking your phone.

While there are other ways of deleting something, the “shake to undo” feature is quick and cool, and it only requires for you to use it consciously for the first couple of times until you assimilate it, much like using your fingers as pincers to zoom in and out of a photo.

This shortcut is also exclusive on the iPhone, unavailable in Android or other devices with different operating softwares. Take advantage of it; you know you would have loved it if you were a kid.


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