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I Tried Hygia Water-Soluble CBD And This Is What Happened

Now that CBD is mostly recognized as legal in over half of US states, it’s available in many places, but it can be hard to determine what is a quality product with cannabidiol, and what is simply inert hemp oil. We’re going through so many growing pains to achieve a baseline concept of accessible medication for our country, and CBD is one product market that is taking off in two directions, rapidly.

Hygia is trying to break all of the molds and get us to a more happy place in dozens of ways. The supplements I tried are fully water-soluble CBD capsules and concentrates. Hopefully, they can bring the awesome wellness power of cannabidiol and hemp oil. Developed to maximize convenience and access for people who need it most, I finally got to try them to form my own opinions.

I’ve tried CBD before, and even noticed results, but something about being able to pop a capsule and hit the road (or the pillow) is speaking to my hectic lifestyle. People that don’t have inflammation and pain issues are #blessed. For me, its 14 days out of every month trying to find ways to take fewer NSAIDs, and add a few more days if I’ve had more than three alcoholic drinks in 24 hours. Since overdoing even over-the-counter pills can have longterm repercussions, finding harmless and non-intoxicating alternatives is as attractive as it is humane.

Photos by Danielle Guercio

I took a Hygia CBD capsule each night for 30 days, taking a second one for any instances of pain or distress, and it really improved my quality of life. In fact, I don’t know if I can go another month without using CBD to offset my dozens of Aleve each month, or to take down a hangover or menstrual pain when my usual remedies aren’t cutting it.

Photos by Danielle Guercio

The CBD experiences I had in the past were markedly similar to those with traditional cannabis or THC infused products. Tinctures, vapes, strains, and edibles are all fun and all, but they don’t fit into a daily lifestyle for me like capsules could. Winterlife 50/50 CBD/THC Tincture sticks out as a product I liked.

Though it was a post surgery helper, I wish I could have gotten four to five times the CBD without adding THC to the mix. Hygia’s small capsules are easy to slip in my normal vitamin routine, and help stretch one dose of naproxen far longer than I thought possible.

Photos by Danielle Guercio

If you asked me before to endorse cannabidiol, I’d have told you how it slowed a hangover and softened acute pain. Now I know that it also helps with chronic pain, distracted days, the morning after too much bubbly, and headaches that can make you a monster. Pretty much anytime you feel like junk, throw some cannabidiol in the mix, and you’ll notice some improvement without feeling intoxicated. Hygia’s water soluble capsules made that possible for me without the feeling or “ritual” that you’re having a cannabis product.

Photos: Danielle Guercio



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