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Watch This Guy Propose To Girlfriend While Meeting The Pope

Well played sir.

Propose To Girlfriend
Screenshot via catholicnewsagency/Youtube

Dario Rodriguez was part of an 80 politician delegation from around the world that gathered at the Vatican to visit the Pope, pay their respects, and talk about the political situations from their individual countries. Rodriguez attended the gathering with his girlfriend Maryangel Espinal, and he took the opportunity of his meeting with the Pope to shed a light on the political turmoil that his country, Venezuela, has been going through.

Rodriguez talked about the years he spent in Panama, the country where he’s been living since he left his own, where he’d been helping kids and teens in theatre groups. He then expressed his happiness over the fact that the Pope will visit Panama in 2019 for World Youth Day. He surprised his girlfriend and the Pope by asking for a special blessing and getting down on one knee.

I could see that Maryangel was thinking: ‘What’s he going to do? Is he going to ask for a selfie?’ She was shocked. I explained to the Holy Father that the woman next to me is the woman of my life. I met her in church, that God put her in my life, and I want to propose to her. So I got down on one knee and asked.”

Reports Rodriguez, who also claims that Maryangel was too shocked to speak, which made the Pope ask her what her answer was. When she finally said yes, the couple got their blessing from the Pope, with delegates from all over the world cheering and celebrating their engagement.

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