Monday, June 5, 2023

Man Stages Fake DUI Trial So He Can Propose To His Girlfriend

Valentine’s Day gestures, marriage proposals, gender reveal parties. Social media has given us free reign to go crazy when letting the world know that we love someone and that there’s something important going on with our lives.

The New York Post was the first to report the latest over the top marriage proposal, which I’m still trying to wrap my head around. Brandon Dinetz, a lawyer from Florida, spent five months plotting his marriage proposal to girlfriend Jen Lettman, who is also a lawyer. Both met while working on a case and have been dating seriously for a couple of years.

Dinetz arranged a fake DUI trial that included a judge, a defense attorney and a fictional defendant. The jury was made up of 17 of Lettman’s family members and friends. In order to get Lettman to join him in court, Dinetz told her that he really wanted her to hear his opening statement.

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“When we worked together we would regularly watch each other’s opening statements and critique each other, so it wasn’t unusual for me to be in the courtroom with him,” explains Lettman. “I wasn’t really paying attention until I recognized that one of the jurors looked like Brandon’s dad, which I thought was funny. Then I saw my dad and I was so confused. When I saw my sister I knew what was happening and I started crying.”

Thankfully, Lettman didn’t embarrass anyone and said yes, finding the gesture surprising and romantic.

Setting up a fake DUI trial sounds like a lot of work, and even though there are many questions—the main one being why and how he got access to the courtroom—we wish the best to the newly engaged couple. Congratulations! Your proposal was so crazy that it made the news.



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