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Meme Of The Week: Comparing Two Photos That Have The Same Energy

Sometimes there are photos that, despite having different components, colors, and subject matter, look remarkably similar. It’s not about the composition or the photographer — nothing that deep. It’s more like the internet is so developed in meme-speak now that users are able to pick up on all of these subtleties.

That’s what the same energy meme is all about. It’s a little stupid and niche, but once you see it you understand why it makes so much sense.

The meme started on Twitter, where users took to uploading  two different images and comparing them to each other, calling out that same vibe or energy that they share. This could be due to the context of the photo, the positions of the subjects, or their moods.

Even though we can’t be sure which one of these memes was the first one to materialize or what prompted the idea in the first place, a recurring trend we keep noticing is the appearance of K-Pop starts. They’re everywhere.

Check out some of the most retweeted additions to the same energy meme:


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