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Meme Of The Week: Fake Coachella Lineups Are The Latest Best Thing

Coachella 2019 is on its way, with a set date for April and a lineup that includes Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino and Idris Elba. That’s right, Idris Elba is a DJ now.

Coachella is one of the most anticipated musical festivals of the year, not only because of the flower crowns and Instagram posts, but also because of the amount of talent that’s present. Located in Indio, California, the concert has a long history of annual events and features a variety of musical genres.

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It’s tradition now that every year once Coachella announces their lineup in a fancy poster, users from all over the internet create photoshopped versions of the same, featuring random things that are funny and make some sort of internet sense. Know Your Meme reports that the Coachella photoshopped poster tradition began in 2008 and continues to this day.

This year’s contributions feature all sorts of things, from a poster dedicated exclusively to Burna Boy (who complained that his name on the original announcement was too small) to mentions of Hannah Montana, the Jonas Brothers, Cate Blanchett, and a list of reasons why you shouldn’t attend the event. Really, there’s anything you can think of on these tweets; the revelation that Idris Elba is a DJ called Big Driis threw the whole world off balance.

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