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Meme Of The Week: The Internet Still Finds Airpods Very Hilarious

Airpods can’t be left alone. In the past couple of weeks the headphones have been mocked by the internet, used for ASMR slime videos and as pieces for earrings. It’s safe to say Apple couldn’t have predicted the effect that their AirPods would have on all of us.

Despite the fact these devices were released over two years ago, the internet still finds new memes for them, photo-shopping them into photos and claiming that they’re for rich people.

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This week’s meme is kind of elaborate, demanding  you’re fluent in internet speak if you want to find the humor of the jokes. The meme consists of adding in AirPods into a pivotal scene in a movie or TV show and then having people warn the characters about their impending demise. Their warnings go unheard, and it’s all the AirPods’ fault. It’s all very dumb and great. Check out some of the best tweets:

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